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C/S Automotive Appraisal Services

Legal & Estate Appraisal Services for Cars Serving All of the West Coast

An experienced, professional estate appraiser is the right person to contact when working on an estate appraisal. It is important to take time when working on such cases to figure out all details thoroughly. C/S Automotive Appraisal Services has been in business for nearly four decades. We understand the nuances of estate appraisal services and help you get the correct value for your cars and other automobiles requirements.


To provide you with well-documented professional appraisal reports, we are here to help you at every step of the process. Our appraisers are thorough and accurate in their reports. These appraisal reports are prepared after a thorough inspection of the vehicle so that no insurance company can reject them. We create appraisal reports keeping your estate disposal needs in mind.


If you are looking for car appraisers to create appraisal reports that can determine a fair market value to divide inherited property, you can trust us.

Legal Services

C/S Automotive Appraisal Services also offers a professional second opinion to help you negotiate an insurance dispute. We understand that it is difficult to get a good value in the market without research-backed appraisal reports. To help you get the best deal for your vehicle, we invest time in research and prepare a market-based report in which we identify similar vehicles.


We can help you settle a dispute in a variety of legal cases, using our detailed appraisal reports. We provide:

A second opinion to help resolve the impasse when an owner of a vehicle believes the offer to settle an insurance claim is below a reasonable market value

Detailed reports for vehicular assets in case of a divorce proceeding

Current market value on vehicle assets in cases of estate to assist executors

And more

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Dividing Vehicular Assets?

With us by your side, you will never lose what is rightfully yours.

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