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C/S Automotive Appraisal Services

Top Automotive Appraisers Serving All of the West Coast Since 1985

Gary Cogbill founded C/S Automotive Appraisal Services in 1985 with the vision of providing car enthusiasts with a fair and unbiased system. Gary wanted to develop a system where car enthusiasts can get good value for their collector automobiles and motorcycles. His dedication and hard work have helped him gain fame in the automotive industry. Today, he is a recognized name in the province and is considered one of the original designers of how the appraisal industry came to be in British Columbia. Gary has over 36 years of experience in the industry and works as a senior consultant for C/S Automotive Appraisal Services.


Another strong pillar in the foundation of C/S Automotive Appraisal Services is Blair Degenstein. He is the primary appraiser in the company. Blair has spent many years in the automotive industry, repairing, fabricating, painting and estimating different kinds of vehicles. His experience has helped him understand the automotive industry like none other. Blair brings valuable hands-on experience to the vehicle appraisal industry. He still likes working on vehicle restoration and refinishing.


C/S Automotive Appraisal Services is built on the strong shoulders of such enthusiasts. Their experience and vision add value to the company. With their continued involvement in the company’s everyday operations, C/S Automotive Appraisal Services strives to serve you in the best possible way.

Why Choose Us?

Do you know that an automotive appraisal can help you with insurance quotes, selling your vehicle, estate planning and even settlements in divorce cases? We have the experience and are specifically trained to evaluate all types of vehicles properly, helping you get the right price. We offer you:

Best quality professional appraisals

Appraisal reports that are second to none in the industry

Appraisals on motorcycles and trikes

Evaluation of custom automobiles

Best market value appraisal on vintage, classic and late-model vehicles

And much more

C/S Automotive Appraisal Services blue classic car
C/S Automotive Appraisal Services red modern car

Preparing Your Vehicle

It is essential to prepare your vehicle in the right way to get the best possible evaluation in the market. Here are a few things you should take care of to get the right assessment:

Wash and dry the exterior properly

Prepare your vehicle with a wax protection

Vacuum the interior of your car properly

Clean the windows and doors thoroughly

Tidy up the trunk area, remove all unnecessary items

Clean the engine bay area properly

We want to show your vehicle at its best. Cleaning and maintaining your vehicle is the best solution to keep your prized possession in good condition. At the end of the experience, you can be proud to drive your vehicle to any Show & Shine and allow others to enjoy your passion. For any queries, feel free to reach out to us.

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