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> The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia

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Member of  the National Association of Automobile Clubs of Canada (NAACC)


“Official Appraiser for the annual VanDusen Garden All British Field Meet Show & Shine” in Vancouver, British Columbia




Restored to maximum professional standards of quality in every area, or a perfect original with components operating and appearing as new. These could be considered the very best in the world, a concourse type restoration. A 95-plus point car that is rarely driven if at all. In a national show judging, a #1 car is likely to win top honors in its class.


A well restored, or a combination or superior restoration and excellent original. Also, an extremely well maintained original showing very minimal wear. Except for the very closest inspection, a #2 vehicle may appear as a #1 vehicle. The #2 vehicle may take top awards in many judged shows except when matched against a #1example in the same class. They can be former #1 cars that have been driven or have slightly aged. Only upon close inspection would a seasoned observer be able to notice flaws not noticed by the general public. The paint, chrome, glass & interior will appear as excellent.


A combination of well done restoration and very good original operable components; or a partially restored car with all excellent quality original and/or NOS or new reproduction parts required to complete it. May include fresh paint, new interior & recent mechanical work.  Also, a very good quality amateur restoration all presentable & serviceable throughout. Not used for daily transportation but are ready for a long tour without excuses.

#4. GOOD

Completely operable original or “older restoration” showing wear. A drivable vehicle needing no or only minor work to be functional. Also, a deteriorating restoration or a poor amateur restoration. All components may need restoration to be very good or excellent but the vehicle is mostly useable “as is”. This is a driver and/or may be in the process of restoration. 

#5. FAIR (Restorable)

Needs complete restoration of body, chassis, power train and interior. May or may not be running, may be weathered but not wrecked and/or stripped to the point of being used only for parts. This car needs everything. It may not be operable, but is essentially all there and has only minor rust and/or damage to repair.

#6. POOR (Parts Car)

May or may not be running but is weathered, wrecked and/or stripped to the point of being useful primarily for parts. This is an incomplete or greatly deteriorated, perhaps rusty vehicle that has value only as a parts donor for other restoration projects. 


Numerous questions are raised when trying to evaluate vintage, collector, specialty and late model vehicles. The concerns are many, ranging from the qualifications, reputation and experience of the appraiser, to the process used for determining the actual value and particular type of value you may require. Many reasons arise for vehicle evaluations. Estate values, loan values, wholesale disposal values and insurance values fair market replacement and/or actual cash resale values are but a few and are all different depending upon the circumstances. C/S Automotive Appraisal Services is qualified in all the above noted requirements and more. Over 32 years experience in the local British Columbia market place and exposure to international automotive markets, has given us the knowledge and experience to assess your vehicle with the accuracy and efficiency that has satisfied literally thousands of investors and collectors as well as numerous insurance companies, legal firms, government agencies, banks and private buyers and sellers throughout the years. 

C/S Automotive Appraisal Services conforms to a condition evaluation, which consists of a 6 position rating system such as contained within this report. This system has been derived from some of the most recognized rating systems seen throughout North America. These systems are used extensively by premier auction houses, dealers of fine collectable vehicles and private buyers and sellers everywhere.

Many price guides using similar rating systems do not necessarily agree upon values attached to the various ratings. In many cases the “book” values can be much higher or lower that the actual current market activity, the values stated may also be somewhat outdated as well. Remember, they are merely “guides” and will only help you find “ball park” values – a qualified and experienced appraiser is still your best assurance of an appropriate value for your vehicle. The rating system contained within this report will help you understand the rating scale and assist you in understanding the assessment of your vehicle.

The appraisal business is very much a “hands on” type business, meaning that if a vehicle requires an appraisal for any particular reason, the appraiser “must” see the vehicle in person to determine the exact condition it represents. Without this personal inspection, it is near impossible to determine a vehicles condition by previewing pictures sent over the internet. This type of appraisal service offers no real value for the car owner as most all insurance companies providing “Classic or Specialty” vehicle coverage will not accept these types of reports. 

At C/S Automotive Appraisal Services, we inspect “all” vehicles personally as there is no other way to protect our reputation or to provide our clients with a high quality report that would be accepted by insurance companies, law firms, auction houses, vehicle import/exporters, car collectors, buyers & sellers.

Questions to consider when shopping for an appraiser:

Are you going to receive a quality report? Is it a professional looking report that looks presentable with “real” content.  You should be asking any potential appraiser that you may consider using to provide you with an email sample of a completed report for you to review. If they are reluctant to do so then you may want to ask yourself why they would not be willing to show off the quality of their work. If they provide something that appears to have been created in a word document format, something that anyone could  create within an couples of hours typing using underlined & bold lettering, ask yourself,  how professional will that report will look to an insurance company, a lawyer, or a potential buyer for your car. You may want to consider something better for the money you are about to spend.

At C/S Automotive Appraisal Services, we have invested a lot into an actual appraisal program that no other company in North America has even considered doing. We have raised the bar with regards to quality reports second to none in the appraisal industry. That is why we provide you with a sample of our high quality report on our website. 



Who Are We

C/S Automotive Appraisal Services was founded in 1985 by Gary Cogbill. He was one of the original designers of how the appraisal industry came to be in British Columbia. He set out to accomplish a fair and unbiased system to ensure that car enthusiasts and collectors alike could gain understanding on placing accurate values for their special interest and collector automobiles and motorcycles. His understanding and extensive research over the last 38 years as earned him province wide recognition and respect throughout the automotive and insurance industry.  Mr. Cogbill continues his involvement as senior consultant for C/S Automotive Appraisal Services.

The second element to this very successful company is the primary appraiser Blair Degenstein. Blair’s background in auto body repair, fabrication, painting and estimating has given him great insight  into the automobile refinishing industry. It’s with this insight and his continued involvement in automobile restoration as a hobby that he brings hands on valuable experience to the vehicle appraisal industry.

Why C/S Automotive Appraisal Services

With a combined total of 40 years in the automotive and appraisal industry, we offer the best quality professional appraisals and appraisal reports second to none in the industry. We are highly recommended by some of the top fabrication and custom automotive restoration shops in the industry. Allow us to make sure you’re getting the best possible market value appraisal on your special interest, vintage, classic, custom, late model vehicles. We also appraise stock, custom and one of a kind motorcycles and trikes.

How to get prepared for your vehicle an appraisal

We highly recommend that you prepare your vehicle in the following way to ensure that we can provide the best possible evaluation.  First, the exterior should be washed and dried. If you haven’t yet prepared your car with a wax protection, now would be an excellent time to do so. Second, the entire interior should be vacuumed, wiped down and detailed and the windows cleaned on both sides. The second last thing would be to tidy up the trunk area, remove any items other than the necessary items belonging to the car. The last area to consider but also a very important area is the engine bay. This is an area that can consume a lot of time and elbow grease. We always leave it to the discretion of each owner to determine at what level they prepare this area. What we do suggest is to present this area as clean as you feel you need too. In the overall evaluation we want our high quality pictures to show your car at its best. At the end of the experience, you can be proud to drive your vehicle to any Show & Shine and allow others to enjoy your passion.

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