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C/S Automotive Appraisal Services

Serving All of the West Coast with Modern and Vintage Automobile Appraisal Services

With solid experience in the industry and an extensive knowledge base serving all of the West Coast, we work to share our expertise to help you get the best value for your vehicles. If you are looking for a reliable company for vehicle appraisal services, you can end your search here. Our team will be involved in helping you get the best value for your assets by performing a comprehensive, hands-on vehicle inspection, researching and compiling relevant information. We explain vital information properly in simple terms so that you can make sense of your vehicle’s valuation after appraisal. If you are planning to sell your vehicle, a vehicle appraisal will save you time and money.

Making Vehicle Appraisals Easy

We understand that appraisals can be stressful. Hire us for the job, and we will ensure that your vehicle appraisal process is as stress-free and smooth as possible. Our experienced automotive appraisers will handle your claims with determination and persistence. Our team works efficiently and is not swayed by anything but the facts. We will prepare an accurate appraisal report to present the facts clearly and concisely.


At C/S Automotive Appraisal Services, we want your appraisal experience to be as smooth and thorough as possible. Our appraisers inspect the vehicles thoroughly and prepare accurate appraisal reports to ensure maximum acceptance in the marketplace and the legal community. We specialize in:

    Classic car appraisals: We help you document the value of your classic car quickly and easily. Documenting the current condition of your car will help you protect your investment.

    Estate appraisals for cars and vehicles, disputes and legal proceedings: Legal proceedings such as divorce or splitting the property equally among siblings require a proper valuation of your assets. We can help you with estate appraisals so that you do not face any issues later.

    Classic truck appraisals- regular and vintage: Classic truck appraisals require a lot of evaluation. All aspects of the vehicle need to be thoroughly inspected to produce an industry-approved appraisal report. Our team invests time and effort to prepare a well-documented report so that you do not have to face any challenges at a later stage.

    Modified and street rod appraisals: We perform a thorough investigation before providing you with an appraisal report for your modified cars and other vehicles. Our appraisal reports are comprehensive and provide you with a reliable valuation of your assets.

    Modern and exotic appraisals: We can help you create a good market value for modern and exotic vehicles. Our appraisers are well-versed with the new insurance policy to help you get all the benefits of modern classics.

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Professional Auto Appraisals

We provide you with quality appraisal reports to help you obtain the proper insurance value for your vehicle.

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