is now offering the opportunity to purchase a professional franchise business in all provinces all across Canada. We will provide professional training so that you will be able to go out and perform accurate automotive appraisals within your territory.  The franchisee must have a reasonable background in the automotive industry so as to allow them to recognize the different degrees of quality that a vehicle has to offer. Our goal is to give our customers the most accurate “current market value” on their special interest vehicle so that they can obtain adequate insurance coverage so they can protect their investment.

We will provide a custom online appraisal program which will allow each franchise owner the ability to provide the best quality appraisal report second to none in the appraisal industry. We will give each franchisee the ability to go out and earn an income within a reasonable amount of time, we will come out and spend time to provide training to explain how to proceed through our 3 page evaluation report, how to take correct pictures, enter information into the computer program, printing and binding of the highest quality report in the industry.

Are you looking for:

  • A Rewarding part time or full time Hobby Business

  • An Automotive Type Business working with cars & people

Are you able to:

  • Operate basic computer functions comfortably?

  • Type with a reasonable degree of comfort?

  • Navigate through basic computer programs?

  • Navigate comfortably through the internet?

  • Do you enjoy attending car shows & talking to people about their car hobby?

If you find yourself curious about the opportunity, then feel free to contact us for additional information, regarding fees & territories. This is a highly rewarding business that will allow you total time flexibility. We look forward to hearing from you.